Let's recharge the batteries!

Spring offer: Electric surfing school on river Kupa - 100 kn /person!


EN | HR is electric surfboard short term rental program provided by Poletusa. Check the options and prices, and book your term in advance to make sure we'll have fully charged battery for you.

Self powered surfboard not only makes surfing possible on calm waters, without waves or winds, but also enables beginners to start surfing in virtually no time. The excitement of gliding the water surface now depends only on motor power, water smoothness and rider weight.
It is common that absolute beginners, without any surf experience, start surfing in stand up position after just 15 min of trying. Even if you can't do it, you can still have fun just by sitting, crouching or laying on the board. Experienced surfers, snowboarders, wind surfers or alike, usually manage it in few seconds.

Prices and Bookings

Electric Surfing School on Kupa river: 100 HRK / person

Learn electric surfing in small groups (4-7 persons). Suitable for surfing beginners. Offer includes: surf lesson, 1 electric surfboard with 3 fully charged batteries, life vest, 1 neoprene suite in medium size, 4 hours hangout in wonderful Kupa river environment at Pokupsko (45km from Zagreb, click to open map)

This special offer is valid from April 1st, 2019; minimum group size is 4 persons (smaller groups are will be charged as 4 persons); extra wet suites available at 60 kn/suite; possible alternative location on request
200 m - 40 HRK
5 min - 50 HRK
20 min - 190 HRK

Offer includes electric surfboard with remote control; fully charged battery; transport carts; operation and safety briefing; and for 20min rents you can get
- 15% discount for 3 successive rentals
- 25% discount for 8 rents in a single day
- extra 20 min on remaining battery charge for 80 HRK

Wet suites in medium size, life vest and radio set available on request for free.
Rental start times available every day, from dusk till down.

Board can be used by anyone, regardless of age, but due to insurance and legal responsibility we are renting only to legally responsible persons of age of 18 or more. If you would have any issues with making reservation please send us an email to Please take a look into our rental terms and conditions, and operation instructons and safety guide.


Starting from April 2019, we are welcoming our guests at Pokupsko Beach (Plaža Pokupsko) on the bank of river Kupa. Set your navigation to here: Plaža Pokupsko.

Pokupsko is about 45 km drive from Zagreb. If you can't get there by yourself, please contact us for help.

Board provides electric surfboard with following technical specs:
  • Length: 240 cm
  • Width: 70 cm
  • Volume: 157 l
  • Weight (w battery): 22 kg
  • Power: 4400 W
  • Max.Speed: 35km/h (with rider weight 75 kg)
Speed depends on water conditions and even more on rider's weight. Rider of weight over 75kg might not be able to reach specified max.speed. Maximal rider weight is 95kg.
Fully charged battery provides 20min ride at full thrust.
No licence is needed to use the board according to Croatian law.


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Let's recharge the batteries!