Nutritional values

Food Fat Sodium Carbs Proteins Calcium Potassium
Beef 7,7g/12%* 44mg/2%* 0g/0%* 34g 7mg 278mg
Chicken 3,6g/6%* 74mg/3%* 0g/0%* 31g 15mg 256mg
Chicken stake 3,4g/5%* 88mg/4%* 0g/0%* 20,6g 11mg 226mg
Fried chicken wings 19,5g/30%* 82mg/3%* 0g/0%* 26,9g 15mg 184mg
Chicken nuggets 9g/14%* 42mg/2%* 1,6g/3%* 57g 10mg 217mg
Ham 35g/27%* 253mg/12%* 0,3g/1%* 17g 10mg 248mg
Bacon 65g/25%* 177mg/8%* 0g/0%* 9,1g 13mg 225mg
Squids 7,5g/12%* 306mg/13%* 7,8g/3%* 17,9g 39mg 279mg
Cheese (emmentaler) 31,8g/25%* 620mg/25%* 2,5g/1%* 27,7g 113mg 100mg
Fetta cheese 21,3g/33%* 1116mg/47%* 4,1g/1%* 14,2g 493mg 62mg
Fried onion 2g/1%* 3mg/0,1%* 10,1g/3%* 0,9g 22mg 144mg
Mayonnaise 39g/27%* 0g/0%* 13g/3%* 0g 0mg 0mg
Fresh onion 0,1g/0,1%* 3mg/0,1%* 10,1g/3%* 0,9g 22mg 144mg
Green salad 0,2g/0,1%* 5mg/0,1%* 2,2g/1%* 1,4g 35mg 238mg
Corn 1,2g/2%* 15mg/1%* 19g/6%* 3,2g 2mg 270mg
Tomato 0,2g/0,1%* 5mg/0,1%* 3,9g/1%* 0,9g 10mg 237mg
Cucumbers 0,2g/0,1%* 2mg/0,1%* 2,2g/1%* 0,6g 14mg 136mg
Bun 0,5g/0,1%* 450mg/21%* 57g/28%* 6,8g 24mg 115mg
Yogurt 3,3g/5%* 46mg/2%* 4,7g/2%* 3,5g 121mg 155mg
Potato 17g/26%* 194mg/8%* 37,5g/13%* 3,8g 0mg 550mg

% Daily intake *
* Percent daily intake is based on a diet of 2,000 calories. Your daily intake may be higher or lower depending on your calorie needs.